Hello! I'm Cristian Hello!
I'm Cristian

I'm a software engineer who enjoys building solutions to improve people's lives.

¿ Como Se Dice ?

A platform to help spanish speaking farm workers learn English. I parsed Berkley’s Agricultural english learning resources to create a centralized and interactive location for English learning.

HTML5 CSS3 Material-ui JavaScript ES6 React.js Ruby on Rails Google Translate API Charts.js



A platform that streamlines the job application process for software engineers, keeping track of their applications, interviews and allowing them to connect with other engineers through forums.

HTML5 CSS3 Material-ui JavaScript ES6 React.js Ruby on Rails Charts.js JWT



An app that uses NYC’s MTA’s bus tracking API to provide users with real time bus arrival and station upcoming buses information.

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap JavaScript ES6 Ruby on Rails Bcrypt MTA Bus API


Neighbors Kitchen

A frontend app that allows users to order food from nearby restuarants.

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Vanilla JS Ruby on Rails Google Geolocation API


About me
About me
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I'm a software developer with a passion to help improve people's lives through code.

I've always enjoyed giving back to my community and helping others. After college I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala. Truly the "toughest job you'll ever love", my job included training teachers, building classrooms and hand washing stations, and running away from packs of street dogs.

During my time with the Peace Corps headquarters, I discovered that I could use my IT knowledge to automate processes and help make people's lives easier. I saw the awe that technology brings to remote communities and the profound impact it can have.

This led to the realization that I could combine my life long passion for tinkering with computers and helping others to pursue a career in software development. With software engraved in all aspects of our lives, there is no better way to make a difference than writing the code that will shape our future.

🚀Let's build together 👨‍💻